So I was thinking today about my life. Part of me feels like I should actually find my Lava For Life, my reason to be alive, and another part of me feels like I should just keep floating and let life happen. I think that different things work for different people. If you feel that you need to have some set anchors in your life, such as some concrete values and things you strongly stand up for, then so be it. If you feel like floating and drifting along life to ultimately find your Lava For Life, then so be it. Who made all the rules anyway? Whatever works for you, sugar. Whatever works for you. So I keep telling myself this, and I don’t know. I honestly don’t know what I want. But, there is something that spoke to me a couple of days ago when I first saw it in my social media class, and today, when I checked it out again. I think I actually saw some of my own Lava For Life here. I hope you find some of yours here as well. Here’s to your Lava For Life.


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  1. Finding purpose and passion in life can be an exhilirating experience, but you are right you cannot force it. I also believe in “floating” through life and taking in all it has to offer. Keeping an open mind and heart make the journey even better! Keep up the good blogging lavalife!

  2. Bincy,

    When you find something about which you feel passionate – you will know it. And it will compel you to act. And you will. Passion is often stealth, sneaking up on us when we least expect it. I have taken a truly unusual course in my professional life. Sometimes that path was driven by my passions and sometimes by the realities of living. Neither is right or wrong, just where you are at the time. But you will never find your “lava for life” unless you look for it.

    I would be curious what you found on Pinterest that you think was your lava for life? What about that site inspired you, or didn’t? How do you think it would help people find their our lava for life? Social media as a path to passion. Interesting ideas to pursue.

  3. I’ve always had trouble defining my hard and fast beliefs and values. At first, it was frustrating and I almost felt guilty for not being so headstrong, confident, passionate and SURE of what I wanted or believed in. I’ve come to terms with my fickleness over the past 5 or 10 years and I’m mostly okay with it. As I get older I really try to relish the journey of life and not get caught up in the details or what others define as necessary. I’ve found a few things that I am passionate about and for that I’m grateful, but even those interests wax and wane. And that’s okay. Thanks for your interesting and thoughtful post. Keep on floating!

  4. First things first: I love your blog layout and aesthetics; so pretty!!!

    Now on to more serious things — I’m definitely a floater. But I see aspects of the concrete person in me as well. There are definitely those values and principles that I don’t/can’t/won’t compromise on, and then there are those times (which is almost always all the time) that I just coast along and allow life to kind of happen to me. For the longest time I felt like this wont to float was a bad thing (and I suppose to some extent it is), but on the whole different people approach life differently. There is no one prescribed way to do life, and that’s okay.

    Floaters and concrete-ers for the win!!

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