Is email dead?


No. Of course not. Who said such a lie? According to a new comScore study on U.S. consumers,  the number of users accessing email via their mobile devices has been growing every year. In 2010, mobile email grew by 36% in the US. In Europe, mobile email users grew 55% and in Japan 53%. I think that email has probably become less popular as a personal means for communication compared to the late 1990s from personal experience. Email is still a vital aspect of professional communication and it’s increased convenience through cell phones as a medium has kept it within the loop of technological advancement. I personally don’t think that email is as “cool” as it once was, but it is a highly significant aspect of modern life. Nowadays, it seems to be unheard of to have an individual without an email address. Or two. Or a gazillion. So which email websites are preferred? Well, as of January, 2012, the most popular email websites (based on US Internet usage and in descending order of popularity) were: Yahoo! Mail, Gmail and Windows Live Hotmail. As a side note, Yahoo! has teamed with AT&T to bring more convenience in the form of email notifications and a complimentary Yahoo! email address.

With the use of social media,  I think that email is probably less utilized as a personal means of communication. I think that almost every one has an email address (in mainstream society or with internet access). I think email has become kind of like Facebook, with more users having accounts, but less frequency of usage. It’s a total norm to have an email address. If you don’t have one, it’s kind of weird, especially in 2012. But, where there was only basically email to communicate and then AIM and other Instant Messengers a few years later, the exponential growth and popularity of social media outlets has pushed personal  email usage off to the side.  But email is still a powerful and significant form of communication in our society.


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  1. Bincy,

    Email is more than just a powerful personal form of communication, although that is certainly true. It is an essential tool for nonprofit organizations who are interested in communicating with supporters and fans. As the Nonprofit Marketing Report talked about, nonprofit organizations are all using email newsletters as an important way of connecting their supporters to all of their other channels. You use your email newsletter to include links that send your supporters to the web page you just finished and the facebook post you just made. You interconnect with email.
    Here is an interesting article on the issue of frequency of use for Facebook.

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