What if life itself is your lava for life?


It dawned on me today that what if life itself is actually your lava for life? What if you just had a love, appreciation, and wonder for life in general that was so a part of you that it would be so hard to take that ingrained love in you away from you? We all have our own perspectives and outlooks on life that has been shaped by so many factors. Why do some of us have the ability to smile at life more than others? What is it that makes some people breathe life, like REALLY breathe life, and take it in?

So, on my post titled simply “Life”, I referred you all to the pinterest website, in which I indicated that several of my lava’s for life were represented. One of those lavas for life of mine was the food recipes that were being shared. I have ALWAYS been fascinated by cooking shows on TV and the sheer wonder of how seemingly unconnected ingredients can come together to bring a masterpiece that plays on your palette. Maybe there are just some things in life that you will love forever. Maybe cooking, (and watching people cook) is one of mine. I remember watching Justin Wilson when I was a kid, and to this day while cooking, I sometimes still think of the way he says, “I GUARANTEE“. He was one of the people who made cooking fun, and more than “just cooking food”. He made it into a time to bring people together with his nostalgic and funny stories, where the food was really celebrated and appreciated.

As I got older, cooking shows on television evolved and changed with the times, but my love for watching them never went away. Food Network is still one of my favorite stations, even though I don’t have time to watch it much nowadays due to the busy life I live. My love for watching people cook has been a constant throughout my life, and I can’t help but put the pieces together to say that I’ve found one of my lavas for life in that.

So, I hope that maybe now you also will begin to think about those constants in your life that you’ve always loved. Was it a favorite childhood cartoon? A hobby? A special place? An activity? A sports team? Whatever it is, happy hunting!


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  1. For me that constant has been exploration. That’s a pretty generic term, but it’s the best one I can use to describe the journeys of discovery (both big and small) that have excited me since childhood. I remember gazing longingly at the Appalachian Mountains each summer as we drove the family station wagon to visit family up North. Just looking at awe from the other side of the glass was an exploration in my mind… and now I’ve been lucky enough to explore some of those same mountains on foot, still getting that child like feeling of wonder and excitement!

  2. Great post! I will be thinking about that for awhile. I believe that what you are talking about is a willingness to be “open” to the things around us. It’s really about staying in the present. Most of us are very busy thinking about what we did or didn’t do in the past or what we want to do in the present. We keep that running list in our minds about what we need to finish or what is next on our agenda. And when we listen to someone talk we are already beginning to form our response before they even get finished. If we can truly stay in the present and experience what is going on around us we have a much better chance of finding our “lava” for life – or perhaps just loving life – period.

    And if we can figure out how to communicate that and then get other people to understand what we are seeing – that’s when we can truly tell the story that will connect with folks.

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