The Experience of Blogging…


This is my first blog ever. I have read a few blogs here and there sporadically in previous years, but I never really thought about starting my own. Until I entered my social media class about a month ago. From my current blogging experience, I have realized that blogging is bittersweet for me. Some days are better than others for coming up with blog posts that I’m passionate about. Some days, nothing comes. Absolutely nothing. So I have to kind of dig to find what I’m going to post about. Blogging has been a good experience so far. Therapeutic even in some ways. It’s a chance to do some introspection and share your passions with others. It’s a chance to see what other people are talking about, current events, and just being connected with the world. Through my blogging initiation, I have begun to follow blogs outside of my class. It’s interesting the ideas that people come up with, the critical thinking that goes into wording things and current events in a catching, humorous, informative, and genuine manner. For me, it’s a lot like writing a journal. Except I have to be more aware of my audience. I have a respect for good bloggers now. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, passion, and skill to keep up a “good” blog that keeps attracting new and consistent followers. Blogs can be great avenues for social change, or just change in general. Some blogs are geared towards personal stuff like self-improvement, improving your life & relationships, how to be happy, etc. Others are oriented toward more macro-level topics like politics, social culture, economics, animals, pets, writing, art, music, therapy, food, nature, the state of the world, world hunger, poverty, education, health, etc. Blogs are a media outlet that can shape public opinion, attitudes, and social norms. I think a blogger needs to know herself or himself well before blogging. They need to be able to respond to constructive and negative criticism from their readers and others. Bloggers need to know what they’re talking about. They need to be able to support their stances and why they posted what they did. A blogger needs to take ownership of her or his blog. A blog is a direct limb of who the blogger is or what she or he is passionate about, in my opinion.

Chris Brogan has some great tips on how to write a killer blog. Just reading it gave me such a renewed energy and positive feeling! I can see how people can make blogging a career. If you’re really into it and devote time and resources, you can totally write a killer blog. 


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  1. The most important point you make, I think, is that you have to take ownership of your blog. Good, bad or indifferent – it is en extension of yourself. And sometimes that is great and sometimes, when we are tired or not up to par, it’s less great. Nobody always writes brilliantly. Just write responsibly.

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