The good ol’ days of social media…


Remember the “good” ol’ days? Each generation has it’s own values and aspects of life that they hold near and dear to their hearts. People from older generations such as parents, grandparents, older teachers, older friends, etc.  have most likely told you about this. The sentence usually begins…”When I was a kid….blah blah blah”. I mean, I enjoyed those stories sometimes, but not all the time when they made our generation seem like we were stupid or could never measure up. But, thinking of the “circle of life”, we might be doing the same things to future generations and our children! Hmm…what would we be telling future generations? Have you ever thought about what today’s social media users will look like in 50 years? What would we all be talking about in 2062? Maybe we’ll be talking about this. I have a problem with the “good ol’ days”. Does that mean that today is bad? To me, the phrase elicits a negative outlook on today and the future. It makes me feel like we’re doomed or something. Heck, there might’ve been some good ol’ days in the past for me, but I’m definitely planning on keeping the good days comin’, even in today and the not-here-yet days! Sheesh. Granted, there are fond memories of childhood for many people, including myself, but I don’t want to limit the good days to the past, ya know? Well, let me get off my soapbox.

So what’s really interesting to me is about the conversation we most likely will have with future generations and perhaps our own children in the future, about our own “good ol’ days”, A.K.A. today. What good things are we doing and are happening nowadays that we will be talking to them about? What consumes our lives sometimes? What can’t we live without in today’s society? What do we use on a daily basis that has become a cornerstone in our lives? It’s social media! (I’m sure that was a difficult one, considering the blog title and all). But REALLY, social media has impacted our lives so much that I can assuredly see how we will talk to future generations about this phenomenon! Maybe we’ll talk to them about the changes that social media has undergone. Maybe we’ll tell them how we remember when there was a time when Facebook did not have Farmville or Timelines. Maybe they’ll think we’re ancient. Maybe Facebook won’t be called that anymore. Maybe Facebook might die. I’m so amazed at all of the social media outlets out there currently. How many more will be created in 50 years? Will social media die? How will our world be different in 2062 compared to 2012? How old will you be?

Social media is a significant identifying factor for generations today, especially for pre-teens, teens,  and 20-somethings. Social media is a vital part of the complex global society itself. It’s interesting to note that social media week 2012 is going to take place from February 13 -17. It’s a global multi-city conference that “reflects on the global impact of social media and its role as a catalyst in driving cultural, political, economic and social change”.  Social Media Week’s theme in February 2012 will focus on Empowering Change through Collaboration. Aaah, collaboration. Working together. Empowering. Empowering Change Through Collaboration. Using none other than social media. Do you realize the potential social media has? Do you realize the potential that YOU have through social media? So, the next time you tell someone about the good ol’ days of social media, wouldn’t it be awesome to look back and say, “Well, you know what I did in the good ol’ days?…I helped make the world a better place, using that cool thing called social media.” 🙂



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  1. This reminded me of something we’ve been discussing in my Web class recently. The idea that each new medium/technology is a fulfillment of the “unkept promise” of its predecessor. We’ve come a long way since the time of snail mail and telegraphs and simply knocking on your neighbor’s door to talk. Certainly, technology/social media today has its drawbacks (such as the fact that we’re closer and yet more apart than ever before), but its benefits outweigh its side effects, in my opinion. You’re absolutely right; it’ll definitely be interesting to observe how we reminisce about these times with our children, grandchildren, etc. I almost look forward to it (but I’m in no hurry, lol).

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