On Gender…


So here’s one of my Lavas for Life: gender role stereotypes. I wrote an entire paper on this subject in college a few semesters ago. The skeleton of the paper was based on research findings about gender roles and stereotypes in our society. By our society, I mean American society. But as I’ve observed, it seems like gender role stereotypes are pretty similar across societies around the world.

Depending on the particular situation and environment, gender role stereotypes are present in varying degrees. So what are some of these stereotypes? Well, the thing is that most of these are “unspoken, but understood” societal values. They are the “societal norms” that say that girls are supposed to be compassionate, caring, and pretty. They say that boys are supposed to be tough, assertive, strong, and not cry in public.

Personally, I think that gender role rules are becoming somewhat less “rigid“. It’s interesting to see how societal factors such as war, economic recessions, new ideas and societal rules, and new trends alter societal rules on gender.

What do you think about gender role stereotypes? How have they played a role in your own life? 


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