Plants & Flowers


I have realized that I love plants and flowers. Always have. They just make me happy. And because of that, I’ve decided that they are also two of my Lavas for Life. Just look at how this green ivy sprawls across the ground, with the sunshine coming down on it. I think it’s beautiful.

    What do you think is beautiful?

Flowers are also another of my favorite things. I think one way that you know something is your Lava for Life is if it just makes you FEEL positive inside. Sometimes it’s difficult to explain with words, but if something just makes you smile or makes you feel relaxed like all is well, then I think there’s a high chance that that could be one of your Lavas for Life. As spring time is continuing, I see more flowers on the trees and ground. You know what they say, “Don’t forget to smell the roses.” Okay so maybe I have taken it a little too literally, but still, smelling flowers makes me happy.

Sometimes I wonder if my love of plants and flowers is solely due to my social conditioning (refer to my previous post “On Gender…”). What do you think? How much of a role do gender role stereotypes and social conditioning play in your own Lavas for Life?


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  1. Beards make me smile. And I never really considered that this could be as a result of learned gender roles until now. The more I think about it, the more sense it makes though, because beards exude a certain potent virility; my brain recognizes this and equates the beard with manliness, which makes me smile. Gosh, that made more sense in my head. I wish I could articulate it better.

    • No no, I think you articulated it well! I totally get it! I do the same thing! I have a “thing” for beards and facial hair too, to an extent. Sometimes I feel like a robot with all of the “conditioning” I exhibit in my own life.

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