It’s hot. Sweltering hot. It bubbles and boils over, until the pressure is relieved. It will NOT stay down. It will ALWAYS find a way to rise to the surface and make itself known.

Lava is in many ways symbolic of each of our passions and causes for life. What makes your blood boil? What makes you want to NOT stay quiet and actually speak up and do something? WHAT’S YOUR LAVA FOR LIFE?

A little about me, the blogger. I’m a college student, working on my Master’s degree in Social Work. As such, I have many interests, particularly on social and cultural issues. The purpose of Lava For Life is to ultimately perpetuate a social media campaign. Even though the blog has been initiated for my Social Media class, I have high hopes that the issues we discuss will be long-lasting even after the class is over. Here’s to your Lava For Life!


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